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Harmonization of the traditional Indian values with the new values derived from the progress of science and technology. Technology appreciation and application to meet the challenges of changing global scenario. Enhancements of industry- institute interface focusing on innovativeness in teaching and research. Creation of a value framework which is nationally oriented but globally admired and accepted. With this objective the institute has planned to introduce a launching pad for the next batch of MBA students. A preparatory semester is introduced to brush up students’ academic skills before they actually embark upon the MBA course in the coming session. Practice sessions in all subjects including soft skill will be held between January and May next year. These classes are targeted towards facilitating easier teaching-learning experience so that the students are already geared to step into the actual MBA curriculum. It is a step forward to quality control and overall improvement in the forth coming batches.


To train our students with a blend of professionalism and spiritualism to enhance their capabilities to deliver quality value to the industry and the society at large.

We strive to make the institute a centre of excellence by providing quality  education and motivating environment on one hand by inculcating positive attitude to the young students aspiring to excel in a fast changing and competitive market place on the other.


The quality of an organization is known by the quality of its people. Consequently creating human resource asset has become a top priority not only for organizations but also for responsive educational institutions like us who can serve the industry by offering talent to the industry. The location of our campus is very scenic. Vast expanse of greens enrich and refresh the minds of everyone associated with our institute. Close Proximity with Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission as a student has driven me always to establish an institute where the cultural heritage of India will be blended with the latest methods of Western professional educational technique. The Institute has a faculty that combines the best in academic and practical experience. Our aim is not only to make excellent engineers but also to make good human beings.


chairman'S MESSAGE      

Dear Students, Welcome to Swami Vivekananda Institute of Management and Computer Science. You are about to start a new journey in your life, a journey that will help you to identify your true dreams and aspirations to shape your future. Our institute strives to arouse students' strong feelings for their dreams of reaching the top, whatever field they choose, wherever they want to go and inspires them to ask themselves what they are meant for, and to find out what is hidden within them - the innate quality of great leader. It should be remembered that only you hold the keys of your destiny.

Wish you all the very best for their career.